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Nixie Tube Watch 'NIXOID CLASSIC'

Time Format
Strap Color

Experience the fusion of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology with our Nixie Wrist Watch. This isn't just any watch; it's a masterpiece that brings authentic Soviet Nixie Tubes back to life in a self-made, modern timepiece.

You can choose several options for case material:
1. Standard housing made of ABS plastic;
2. Reinforced composite case which consists of 15% carbon fiber, this case is very resistant to scratches and damage and also has a back cover with engraving that can be customized!

Watch Specifications:

- 2x Nixie tubes installed (IN-16, new);
- Sapphire scratch resistant glass (optionable);
- Cool animations;
- Battery level by backlight color (0% green, 100% blue);
- Connection: micro USB;
- Strap: 24mm width with 24mm lug, pogo pin connection;


  • Available with rubber straps:
  • Watch has Tubes Ignition System and digits animation:
  • Watch protected by Sapphire Glass hardness 9H:
  • Easy Battery Level Info:

⌚ What's in the Package:

The Nixie Wrist Watch
Stylish strap
Convenient USB charging cable
Manual in English
Nixoid Gift Box.

🌟 Lightweight, Compact, and Built to Last! 🌟

Designed for everyday wear, this watch is incredibly lightweight and compact, ensuring your comfort all day long. Crafted from two sleek parts of matte black plastic and featuring protective glass, it's both durable and stylish. The single button operation adds to the ease of use.⚙️

⏰ Effortless Timekeeping and Date Display! ⏰

Our Nixie Watch displays the hour and, after a brief 1.5-second pause, the minutes. It also boasts a convenient date display. Setting the time is a breeze, thanks to the simple process outlined in the included instruction manual. 📅

🔋 Impressive Battery Life and Easy Charging! 🔋

With a remarkable battery life of approximately 10-15 days of usage and up to two months in standby mode, your Nixie Wrist Watch is always ready for action. Charging is a breeze via USB (cable included), with automatic charge indication. The lamp lights up while charging and turns off when the process is complete. A full charge takes around 60 minutes.

✨ Experience Captivating Visual Effects! ✨

Discover the allure of our Nixie Watch's cool visual effects and the mesmerizing orange tube light, adding a touch of intrigue to your timekeeping. 🌈

Elevate your style, embrace the magic of Nixie technology, and let your Nixie Wrist Watch tell your story in a blend of vintage nostalgia and contemporary fashion. ⌛

Upgrade your wristwear with the Nixie Wrist Watch.
Order yours today and let the journey begin! 🚀

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