Why Nixoid?

Specifically for the Nixoid watch we develop an algorithm for synchronous ignition of lamps and anti-poisoning of cathodes, so the resource of the IN-16 indicators increased several times and the viewing of the time became more beatiful.  Nixoid high voltage generation system has a power reserve of 3.57 times, it is very reliable. Specifically for the Nixoid we develop dynamic backlight charging battery level. When the battery is 100% charged, tubes has backlight like nuclear color, during use backlight slowly stay a green color.
Our Watches are unique. In all watches we use only new tubes. You can not be afraid that the lamps will stop working. And even if this happens, we will replace them with new ones for free.
Also, upon purchase, you can customize the order by changing the color of the strap to your liking. We think it will be nice.